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Mercury Developer Network

The Mercury Developer Network is the complete technical resource developers need to connect with a community of peers and build Mercury's award winning payment solutions into their systems. The Mercury Developer Network can reduce the time it takes to integrate to Mercury's payment solutions by providing access to one on one support, sample code and a community of fellow developers.

Developer Services

Power up your business with our Developer Services. Partnering with Mercury is easy and profitable. You receive the support to develop, promote and market your POS solutions with Mercury’s payment processing.

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Developer Integrations

Our integrated payments technology is the engine for seamless transaction processing, automated reconciliation and reporting, and direct support. We meet developers’ needs for integrated solutions that are affordable, easy to support, and compliant with security standards.

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Integrations for specific Market Verticals

Mercury understands that each industry caters to the specific needs of their merchants and point of sale developers have these and more in mind while developing applications to meet market requirements. We strive to provide industry specific and customizable solutions for POS developers and help meet their merchant business requirements. With a focused approach, we are always seeking opportunities to help you differentiate yourself in the market and create something unique for your merchants.

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The Mercury Developer Network is the complete technical resource developers need to connect and build Mercury’s award winning payment solutions into their systems. The Mercury Developer Network can reduce the time it takes to integrate to Mercury’s payment solutions by providing access to one on one support, sample code and a community of fellow developers. The network’s mission is to inform, guide, connect and inspire developers through technical resources, conversation and thought leadership. We believe that direct access to our integration analysts and our commitment to supporting you will help us win together. As a member of our Mercury Developer Network, you will receive support to develop, promote, and launch your solution with Mercury’s payment processing.

The Mercury Developer Network Value


Be First

Get ahead of the game with our payment, mobile wallet, and gift technology.

Know More

Be better informed with robust, useful information, just for POS developers.

Get help

Get personalized, peer-to-peer support from our team of highly experienced integration analysts.


Join a community of POS developers and Mercury experts implementing the future of payments.

The Mercury Developer Network offers a number of technical services:

salesman_48Our dedicated integration analysts will work with you to understand your specific requirements and help you choose the best solution to meet your needs. They will help you get started with your payments integration, and guide you through the certification process. Our integration analysts are here to provide you with any integration and post integration support you may need.

computing_48Access to resources like sample code, API documentation, development tools, and support tools to help you customize your application to best suit your business requirements.

minisites_48Mercury’s Developer Portal provides an excellent overview of our wide variety of payment solutions. Review the portal to determine which of our solutions and integration methods best meet your needs.

In addition to the above benefits, we also deliver regular communication to keep you in the loop on changes and updates, and also provide you with opportunities to give us feedback.

Are you a software engineer looking to get started integrating to Mercury?

Head over to our developer portal

The Developer Portal illustrates the variety of payment solutions we offer, and the multitude of ways these solutions can be integrated. This variety of choices allows you to select the payment solution that best fits your business requirements and technical environment.

  • Contact our expert integration analysts to receive peer to peer guidance to help you complete the integration quickly and correctly.
  • One-click access to the solution you need, in the programming language you prefer.
  • Expert guidance on payment industry nuances, helping you focus on what you need to do.

Mercury Developer Services

Mercury delivers a set of business and technical services that help us work together effectively. Our business model is centered on you, our developer partners, to deliver our services exclusively through your channels. Through it all, you have access to our Mercury Network to help grow your business.

We help you develop superior point of sale and payment acceptance solutions that meet your technical needs. You have easy access to 24/7 support, all the tools and resources you need, and effective integration methodologies to simplify payment integrations.

Our integrated payments technology, MercuryPay, is the engine for seamless transaction processing, automated reconciliation, and integrated reporting. With MercuryPay, you also have access to technology for merchant value added solutions like MercuryGift®, which enhances your merchants’ purchase experience.

Our complete developer services include the following:


  • Attractive and competitive residual payment rates

salesman_48Sales Support

  • Dedicated Sales Account Managers to help grow your business
  • Continuous business planning and ongoing engagement activities


  • Resources, development tool kits, and support to create world class point of sale applications
  • Online training to help your channel sell more


  • Regular communications to help you stay in touch with us
  • Alerts for important notifications, and more
  • Workshops, forums, and conferences to share and discover the latest industry trends

web_advertising_48Marketing Support

  • Free, co-branded marketing services
  • Joint marketing campaigns to help recruit more merchants
  • Joint marketing sponsorship

Mercury’s Developer Solutions provide developers and service providers with secure, feature rich integration solutions to enhance your POS and payment acceptance systems. By integrating to our payment processing platform, your POS, ecommerce solution or business management software becomes a one-stop merchant solution. Our solutions are designed to meet specific requirements from different industry verticals, making us the only payment processing partner you will ever need. Unlike others, Mercury supports a wide range of solutions and services to complement and enhance your payment application with integrated value added solutions and features. Our comprehensive and secure payment technologies are designed to help you embrace emerging trends in technology and be a leader in your market. Our integration solutions help you handle payment processing with ease, and provide you with opportunities to innovate in point of sale technologies.


MercuryPay Integration Suite

Comprehensive and compliant payment integrations

MercuryPay™ Integration Suite is a comprehensive suite of solutions. It supports a complete set of integration capabilities for all types of solutions and payment acceptance devices. Learn more…

MercuryGift Integration

gift_395wAdded value to POS payment processing with an integration to process stored value services

MercuryGift® Integration is an API to help developers and service providers access gift and stored value services through Mercury’s payment processing platform. With one API, merchants can process both MercuryGift and Mercury StoreCardTM transactions securely from the same payment application. Unlike competitors who do not offer comprehensive APIs for POS integrated stored value services, MercuryGift Integration supports a complete set of integration capabilities for POS systems, terminals, and many other payment devices. It includes integration support for a broad range of functionality designed to help your merchants bring more value to every transaction. With MercuryGift integration, you can offer your merchants a stored value solution that includes rewards, mobile cards and more.


  • One easy integration provides your merchants with mobile, social and promotional capabilities for gift and stored value services.
  • Flexible and secure integration methods for stored value processing.
  • Quick and easy implementation allows developers to go to market faster.
  • Faster development with access to professional one-to-one developer support.
  • Easy- to-add StoreCard functionality enhances an existing MercuryGift integrated POS system with no additional integration needed.
  • Increase POS system sales with attractive value-add capabilities including free gift and stored value transactions for merchants processing credit with Mercury, multi-location ACH reconciliation, custom sales support, no gateway fees*, and reporting for your merchants.

mercuryanywhere_395wMercuryAnyware Integration

Short-range wireless solution

MercuryAnyware™ is an API integration that supports Canada’s EMV Chip and PIN technology. The API is specifically designed with processing capabilities for all types of businesses that accept payments at the point of delivery, from pay-at-table for restaurants to on-site payment for services. Unlike many other short range wireless integration solutions, MercuryAnyware is PA-DSS validated. It can be integrated with your POS solution, or simply used as a stand-alone terminal for payment acceptance. Learn more…



Faster merchant enrollments

MercuryActivate™ is an easy and innovative API to capture merchant enrollments online. The flexible API allows developers to tailor and customize the enrollment process based on specific business requirements. MercuryActivate’s online process is up to 96 percent faster than manual methods, radically reducing the merchant lead-to-conversion time. MercuryActivate is the future in online merchant application processing.

  • Enrollment capabilities embedded within your POS software, portal or website
  • Automatic enrollment for pre-approved merchants
  • Streamlined data collection processes for easier partner and user participation
  • Instantaneous response to merchant applications
  • Flexible enrollment process provides options to enroll merchants at any stage of the acquisition process

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*Third party gateway fees may apply.

every-type-of-business_SubheroMarket Verticals

Mercury understands that each industry caters to the specific needs of their merchants and point of sale developers have these and more in mind while developing applications to meet market requirements. We strive to provide industry specific and customizable solutions for POS developers and help meet their merchant business requirements. With a focused approach, we are always seeking opportunities to help you differentiate yourself in the market and create something unique for your merchants.



Whether you run a quick serve restaurant, yogurt shop, coffee house, casual or fine dining restaurant, Mercury provides the payment solution that meets your business model and target market. Our solutions are designed to reduce customer wait time with faster transactions. And, you get your processing funds quickly. With Mercury, you get a customized solution that suits the size and type of your business. If you are a franchise operation, our dedicated team helps you onboard each location and reconcile payments across all locations. You get integrated payment solutions that accept tip adjustments, on-site payments, and facilitate transaction reporting.



No matter what type of retail business you run, Mercury understands and caters to your specific needs. Nurseries, florists, groceries, jewelry, power sports, hardware, liquor, shipping, specialty and many other retail stores ranging in size from small and medium to big box choose Mercury for their payment processing. Our full suite of retail specific solutions reduce wait times and enhance the customer experience. With Mercury, you get fast and easy payment processing with integrated value added services including encrypted mobile solutions and devices for on-site payments, advanced funding, excellent customer service and more.



More and more businesses are expanding their reach by establishing an online presence. By facilitating payments online and on the go, Mercury helps merchants reach more customers and accept card-not-present transactions with ease. Our suite of secure, hosted payment solutions accommodate credit and MercuryGift transactions, and ensure your payment solutions never handle sensitive card holder data.



Theaters, ticketing centers, golf courses, bowling alleys, family entertainment centers, water parks, ski resorts and related businesses are ensured a streamlined payments experience with Mercury. Whether you run an in-store or online presence, we are here to help meet your business needs. With integrated and seamless processing solutions for POS terminals and mobile devices, servicing customer payments is easier than ever. Customized solutions are available to meet your business’ specific requirements.



Auto, service and parts dealerships and other businesses that deal with high volume transactions get just the right payment processing solution with Mercury. Our solutions accommodate the unique requirements of high volume transactions these types of businesses typically process, by facilitating fast transactions and funding. Whether you own a car dealership or a small body shop, Mercury simplifies payments with integrated payment processing and reporting capabilities. You know what your customers need and we work with you to customize the right payment solution.



Service providers like dry cleaners, car washes, salon, spas, parking lot operators, contractors, taxis and others can accept payments quickly and easily with Mercury. Our integrated payment solutions are designed to help grow your business while providing fast, reliable and secure transactions.



Whether you run a campus bookstore, oversee recurring tuition payments, or facilitate supporter donations, Mercury’s payment solutions are designed to work for you. From pre-paid debit cards to seasonal accounts, recurring billing and convenience fees, we make it easy for educational institutions, child care centers and K-12 institutes to accept payments anywhere, anytime, and in any fashion. Our integrated payment processing solutions help you accept one-time or recurring payments. With our secure, PCI compliant solutions, you can focus on your task at hand and leave the payment processing to us.


Non Profit Organizations

Mercury understands the unique needs of nonprofit organizations. Our payment processing solutions help simplify the process of accepting donations in a secure manner. Our in-house sales and integration specialists review your organization’s requirements to determine the best solution for you. Automated collection of one-time and recurring online donations is made easy with our proprietary technology MToken™. Fundraising is a click away on an iPhone with our Virtual Terminal solution. Maximize your donations with a myriad of payment types supported by Mercury.



Mercury understands the complex business environment healthcare providers operate in, and their unique set of requirements for payments. From dental, medical and veterinary practices, to pharmacies and individual service providers, our integrated payment solutions are designed to accept payments in the office or online effortlessly. Mercury also works with partners to provide encrypted mobile payment card readers to healthcare service providers on the move like physical therapists and personal trainers. Customizable payment solutions ensure fast checkout to enhance the payment experience. Our solutions support a wide range of transaction types including FSA, PIN Debit and check processing.



Supermarkets and grocery stores, from single stores to national franchisees, benefit from Mercury’s integrated payment processing solutions. Detailed reporting, secure transactions, and reliable customer service are just a few of the offerings you benefit from. Mercury is also a proud member of the National Cooperative Grocery Association (NCGA), the business services cooperative for retail food co-ops located throughout the U.S. We are pleased to be able to pass along some of the benefits of this membership to our customers.



Mercury accommodates transactions for kiosks, providing customers with the ease and convenience of self-checkout. Mercury’s proprietary encryption solution is embedded in MagTek payment devices that can be used in kiosks to conduct fast, secure payment transactions. Our specialized sales teams help onboard multiple locations onto kiosks quickly and easily.

Developer Partner Application

Partnering with Mercury is easy and profitable. From the very beginning, you have an entire team dedicated to your project. Our solutions are designed to be affordable, easy to support, and compliant with security standards.

Thank you for your interest. You will be contacted within one business day after completing the brief form below. Fields with (*) are required.

What will happen next?

  • You’ll be contacted by a member of Mercury’s Developer Partnerships team for an introduction to Mercury’s technology and partnership programs.
  • If both parties agree to proceed, you will be given access to Mercury’s Developer Portal which includes links to the MercuryPay SDK and integration resources.
  • A dedicated Developer Support Representative will be assigned to assist your programmer(s) with technical aspects of the integration.

For immediate assistance, please call 800-846-4472 ext. 1852 or e-mail