To be attributed to “Mercury Payment Systems”:

“We adamantly deny Heartland’s allegations and will vigorously defend ourselves. We believe that good business practices result in growth. That’s been our simple and successful strategy. We stand by our business practices and our pricing. We are committed to notifying merchants of pricing changes in advance, and the vast majority of our merchants are on contracts that can be terminated without penalty with 30 days’ notice.

“Heartland recognizes that the Mercury Model and the Mercury Network are competitive differentiators that they cannot match, and we believe they filed this lawsuit as part of a marketing campaign against us in order to win business. This is not the first time that Heartland has sued a competitor. This time, Heartland simultaneously launched an aggressive sales and marketing push directly targeting Mercury’s merchants and channel partners upon filing the lawsuit.

“Businesses should compete based on who has the best product or solution, rather than using the legal system to win clients. We’re proud of the leadership position that we’ve collectively created in the Integrated POS industry, and our many industry awards and high retention rates are evidence that our model is differentiated and successful.”


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